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Shibuya Marble Texture RPG is a free fangame of a Hypnosis Mic. 

Note: This is 100% fan game, it is not an official product. This game occasionally follows the original setting of Hypnosis Mic project, most of the game's plot is fictional. The rights to the characters, original music and setting belong to King Records. I (ecorust9) created this game with a lot of respect for Hypnosis Mic and fans.

In this game you have to find your old enemy - Jakurai and kill him. Before that you must visit the 4 districts of Tokyo.

For playing you will need RTP for RPG Maker 2000

I'm not sure if the game works well on Mac because I am not able to test it. For playing on Mac, I recommend using Windows emulator.

Feel free to translate this game to your languages.

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Music arrangements: hibarist

Author of the Polish translation

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Start: Autumn 2018

Demo release: June 2, 2020

Release date: July 10, 2021

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFangame, Parody, Pixel Art, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Russian


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Shibuya Marble Texture RPG english.zip 171 MB
Shibuya Marble Texture RPG russian.zip 171 MB
Shibuya Marble Texture RPG polish.zip 173 MB

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i cried so much omfg, especially with Hypnosic Love. Love the game so much

thank you very much for this wonderful game!! i love it soo muchh!!😭❤️💙💛💜


i started up the game and played a bit, and it runs fine (i'm enjoying it a lot!), but it looks really blurry...? the edges around where two different colors meet have a weird blurry border too, which i didn't notice at all in the preview images here, so i know it's an issue on my end. i was wondering if anyone had this issue also and fixed it-- i tried changing my screen resolution, going into the properties of the game and changing resolution things there, and i restarted my computer, but it still appeared super blurry. it's not a huge deal, but the art is really pretty and i want to be able to see it better, so if someone knows how to fix it please let me know?


never mind, it works okay in windowed mode! i restarted my computer again and then ctrl+alt+enter worked properly. sorry about the long comment! the game is wonderful!

This game is so insanely good!
I have tons of fun playing it! The art is super pretty (Jyuto is way to good looking there), the maps are so cute (Shinjuku is absolutely gorgeous), and Hypnosis Love was such a pleasant surprise ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
A very exciting game indeed! Where I live I don't know a single person who knows HypMic, so it was pretty crazy playing a fangame. It made me really happy! Thank you so much for creating this! I hope a lot of fans can enjoy this too!

And thank you for letting us appreciate this view ~ XDD

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Hi! I have a problem, so after the fight with Lambda the end of the game pops up. Can it be played differently?

Or where the cards are


Same thing happened to me too, i've watched other gameplays and the game progressively continues from this route, maybe its a bug?


Hello! so i downloaded the game file, but i have no idea how to open the game. I downloaded RTP 2000, but i still cant begin the game, can someone tell me how to start it, im oblivious -_-

Scroll all the way to the bottom after finishing setup and opening the game folder, and click on the "RPG_RT.exe" file at the almost-bottom.

hi! i absolutely loved this game! the graphics and cutscenes were all really good and the overall game experience was just mind blowing!!

i do have one question tho, i cant seem to have the 5th card in ikebukuro (which im assuming is gentaros) does anyone know where i can find it? thank you!! and again beautiful game!

it wont let me use the arrow keys or enter to start the game anymore uhhhhhh

I just got to the end of the game, however I’m having issues during the final battle against Lambda. I use the sword like Gentaro instructs, but afterwards I just get a gameover? Is there another route to follow? Am I just not supposed to use the sword?

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Why it doesn't saved my game? :" anyone know how to fix it?

someone say to me here is the last mission on shibuya to go to ikebukuro? LMAO IM STUCKED ON THIS PART, i already make the casino and letters one, idk wheres the last one ):

hey! sorry if this is ultra late but did you find out how to go to ikebukuro? you have to go to the hospital and find gentaro, but i can't stop dying trying to find him! every time i get lost it shows me a game over screen when i already got dice's card on gentaros computer. 

Hello, I just finished the game and I liked it a lot! But I have a question, when or where can the magician be found again? I found him in shibuya the first time asking for 3 dices and when I had them I no longer found the magician, he made me continue the story thinking that he would find him but it was not done hahaha, it really left me intrigued ... if anyone knows it would be me a lot of help T-T (I apologize for my English, I am not a native of this language)

this is what i mean, i met him in shibuya

If you find an answer please let me know~ I've been wondering the same thing!

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You can find him in TV Station in Yokohama after the cooking program.

Thank you so much!!! never check the tv station a second time hahaha

it doesnt save my data ;_;

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There are some parts of the story that I couldn't quite understand tho, so I'm outlining the story here, if I get anything wrong please correct me because I really want to figure out the whole detailed story. 

Spoiler below:

SO Lambda was Jakurai's patient, and they became best friend, but unfortunately he didn't survive. He died, and Jakurai still wanted to save him, so he started his crazy experiments. He made clones of Lambda which are called Ramuda, but Lambda became some kind of ghost (?) and killed all of them because they were all connected in some way, and I assume that the reason why he did this is that he thought he wasn't Jakurai's only one anymore (I'm not sure tho), and every Ramuda doesn't have the memory with Jakurai. And then there's a special Ramuda that Lambda decided not to kill him (I wonder why, maybe he started hating Jakurai so much that he wanted to kill Jakurai instead of Ramuda?), so Lambda told this Ramuda about the clones and Ramuda ran to Shibuya, Lambda told Ramuda to kill Jakurai.

At the same time, for some reason Jakurai sent a threatening letter to them, I don't know why Jakurai didn't want Ramuda to go to Shinjuku, I thought he wanted to apologize? Or maybe Doppo and Hifumi knew they were coming to kill Jakurai so they wanted to scare them off? But this couldn't explain why Jakurai told them not to let fling posse go to Shinjuku. Anyway they still got to Shinjuku eventually and Ramuda found Lambda there, so maybe it means that the Lambda ghost can only stay at Shinjuku or like he can't remain for long if he's at other places? And Lambda defeated Ramuda and somehow kind of controlled him or possessed him? And then they fought and killed Jakurai, Dice, and maybe even Gentaro.

Suddenly they are at some parallel universe and everyone revived. Jakurai got too caught up and accidentally made himself immortal in the experiments so he'd never die, but why did Dice revive? Anyway they fought Ramuda and Lambda. Lambda mentioned that Jakurai could only revive at their world, so does that mean they revive because the world they're at is the parallel universe? but how did they get there? did Lambda bring them there? why'd he do it, if he wanted to kill everyone then why did he bring everyone to a world that could revive everyone? So They defeated Lambda and went back to their original world (so does that prove that they got to that parallel universe was because of Lambda?), everyone revived (I wonder why), and before fling posse left, Ramuda told Jakurai something. I wonder did he remind Jakurai their memory or maybe just played a memory in his head? Like I still don't understand what he did by now.

That's all, this is like the longest comment I've ever posted, if there's actually anyone who reads all my comment then thank you very much, and I really want someone to answer my wonderings or tell me what you think about the story. Anyway, I love this story so much.

Have the read the manga or listened to the CDs that this game is based on? This is a fangame so a lot of the things you might not understand will be answered by that ^^ (Though a lot of the latter part of the game is just fun fan fiction!)

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I finished the game today!!! I love this game so much, the bgm, the story, the artwork, all of them are awesome. I absolutely love the bgm, it changes as the places or people change, which is so smart and neat. Besides, it's so good that I replayed it on youtube a lot. The story is great, too, like it isn't just some kind of rpg, it's an rpg with a well-written story. For the artwork, they are amazing, I took like around 300 screenshots because I want to look at them over and over again, every character is insanely beautiful, and when it comes to the story between Jakurai and Lambda, it is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you for making this game, this is exactly the masterpiece I need. Thank you, thank you  so much.

Does anyone know the password to the second chapter of Hypnosis Love?


If I remember it right, it's "warmdays".

Hello! I'm pretty much stuck at finding Lettuce and Rice...how and where in the Yokohama i could find them :'(

Hey!, This is a really cool game and I was wondering if you're able to play on mac?, I've downloaded the files but it says they can't be extracted...

When I run the game, specifically when I press alt + enter, the screen turns out very small. Is there a way this can be resolved? It would be a little inconvenient to play on. 

did you try ctrl+shift+enter?

Hi I just downloaded the game and I have the same problem, I tried ctrl+shift+enter but the story just goes on and nothing changed.

What about ctrl+Alt+enter?

Yeah that worked, thank you so much!

Hello! Unfortunately I have the same problem and I already tried both ctrl+shift+ enter and ctrl+alt+enter but still doesn't work :(

Deleted 238 days ago

are you using windows? have you looked up full screen toggle shortcuts and tried them all?


Im a little stuck. I got to Shinjuku and am now exploring as Dice, but im not sure what im supposed to do. Ive tried interacting with everything but im still stuck. I also found Doppo on a buildiing but im not sure how to interact with him? Can anyone help?

look up at doppo directly underneath and press enter

Thank you so much!!!

Sorry if I bothered you, I'm stuck and I'm at Shinjuku too, I just got to Shinjuku and am exploring as Gentaro, but I just kept exploring and exploring, what am I supposed to do?

Go into the host club. It's the place with a rose above the door if I remember correctly

I did, but nothing happened. I tried to interact with people but they only answer things like "Yay" or "Congratulations". Besides, for some reason after I went in there I wouldn't be able to get out, like there's something that looks like the exit but when I go there and try to open the door then Gentaro says something in Russian which I do not understand, I have to quit the game and go to the closest save. Is this some kind of bug?

what is the password for the third chapter of hypnosis love?


does anyone know the password for the final chapter of hypnosis love? ;_; 

i think it was "lovestory"

it worked, thank you !!

I wonder if i miss something but, i'm quite stuck. After going to the last room in the mantenro building (and reading the cutscene), i exited the room but nothing happens? i walked down and search and nothing happens. What should i do?

if youre referring to jakurai's room, you'll have to exit to the right

I have to say the sprite work is real good. The characters look amazing and all. The only problem is that I get stuck a few times but maybe its not eh game's problem and it is just me. I didn't finish thee game but I have one more thing to say. The music is bopping. Can you like link an ost or something because the music is real catchy. cool/10 :)

Yayayayay I'm happy! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Thank you so much (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Uhh, how to get spicy herbs?pls help;_;

just try walking to the herbs, like over the fence. I just checked out the sign and clicked all the options, and then i walked over the fence. 

thanks tho

what am i supposed to do at this scene? I've tried leaving however i am stuck in this location with him

interact here

thank you so much!!

I'm stuck at the package deliveries from Ichiro! I have to deliver the last one, but I've interacted with every NPC and nothing has happened. Does anyone know where to deliver that last package? 

(1 edit)

Interact with Ichiro and he'll show you where you need to go

before he sent me off to deliver the last package, he said he was going to buy manga at the convenience store so he's no longer there :( 

if I remember correctly, go to the bottom left corner of the city, there you will see Jiro surrounded by people in black, interact with him

here's a photo of the mapis it supposed to be here?

go here

If there is nothing, please take a picture of the map for me, I may have remembered the wrong location :((

I got stuck at the yokohama part in the battle against samatoki, couse i cant go back of the sauna room to get more money to heal my team and i dont have enough mana to use any skills, and no one is fast enough to defend, and neither is strong enough to deal damage.

I recommend pumping your team and buying healing items in advance.

in this case, you need to go back to the previous saves.

That is exactly the problem, I cant go back to previous saves cause I only do 1 savefile per game, is there another option that isnt reset the game completely?

i had to start over at samatoki battle... fight every single enemy u find so ur team can lvl up quickly and they get more mp!! and make sure that u have save files at everywhere so u don't have to start over again 

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аааа это было потрясающе ;____; Особенно новелки с Дайсом и Гентаро <3 и я даже не особо разбираюсь в гипмике... Эко спасибо за всегда атмосферные и душевные игры

прошла кстати на маке, всё запустилось при помощи Wine



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make sure none of the characters are dead/0 hp (use the candy to revive them) and make dice use the legendary sword!! 


I wonder if you can achieve different endings here 

i got up to the part where dice follows gentaro into the hospital and i searched around the hospital and went to the receptionist in the lobby but i ended up getting a game over?? is this supposed to happen or do i do something in spefic because i am having trouble. 

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I win the battle in the game but why it shows “game over” at the end? After Ramuda and Lambda's first battle!;-;

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make sure none of the characters are dead/0 hp (use the candy to revive them) and make dice use the legendary sword!! (in the last fight) 


I got waaaay too invested in the visual novel parts lol 

Thank you for your hard work it was an amazing experience. I love your illustrations and especially colors

Hi, do you have any plans to release digital versions of the guidebook and artbook? I'm looking to donate but would prefer not to keep physical books due to space issues

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Hi!! Ive just discovered this fangame and want to try and support it, but i cant even run the game TT ive already done the steps like downloading the rtp rpg maker and setup but it seems i cannot find the game file.. (on windows btw) 

can anyone leave a tutorial on how to open the game file?


 What helped me was opening an archive with the game and copying all the files to the rtp folder (replacing all the files) and clicking on the rpg_rt file (sword icon) 

But usually from my understanding you just install the game via the installation file and just choose the rtp folder as your destination (didn't work for me) might be wrong tho

Here's an unlisted video I just recorded, when you open the application, click ctrl+alt+enter to make it windowed!

ahh ty ty! I already found out by myself searching for hours- but this would totally be handy for my friends that will be playing ^^

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